Speed Dating

Too busy to date?  We haven’t all got time to wine and dine. Speed dating is the fast, fun way to meet a whole bunch of attractive singles in one evening. You’ll have a great time and could find your perfect match.  So why wait – when you can speed date?

When Speed Dating exploded onto the UK singles scene with a blaze of media interest in 2002 some assumed the craze would pass and go out of fashion, but far from it. Speed Dating is now established as the second most popular dating service after online dating, according to all the search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN). Why has speed dating become so popular?  Simple… because speed dating works!

The classic formula of bringing together around 15-20 single girls and 15-20 single guys to meet for around 4 minutes each just works.  The short dates provide just enough time to discover whether people wish to meet again.  And if people don’t click that well, the boredom lasts a couple of minutes rather than an entire evening!

Around 70-90% of attendees meet people they wish to see again at each event.

What is Speed Dating and how does it work?

Speed Dating and its benefits are well known these days. On arrival at a Speed Dating events, you welcomed by a friendly host, checked in and invited to the bar to drink, relax and mingle. Once everyone has arrived the host gives a quick welcome speech, explaining how speed dating works and answering any questions. Then the dating begins!  Women usually remain seated while men rotate every few minutes when a bell rings. Guests mark on a match sheet whether they want to see each person again. There will be a couple of breaks and by the end of the final speed dating session, all the gents and all the ladies have met each other.  When the speed dating finishes, all guests are invited to stay around for drinks at the bar, for further mingling and flirting.

With Speed Dating, everyone is there to meet other people – just like you. You have just enough time with each person to decide whether or not you would like to see them again, and you only get put in contact with the people you want to meet who also want to meet you again – no more awkward phone calls and no having to avoid people you don’t like.

What sort of people go speed dating?

Nice people! Most guests are attractive and sociable professionals who want to improve their chances of meeting the right person. Many lead a hectic lifestyle and have an established group of friends, so rarely get the chance to meet lots of new people in one evening.

Speed Dating is perfect for people who lead busy lives, never have much spare time and want to meet new people in a fun and safe environment.

What do I do if I like another speed dater?

The chances are, you will like most people at a Speed Dating evening! The dilemma is choosing who you would most like to see again. The good news is you can tick as many as you like, whether you want to see them again as a friend or a date.  Use your match sheet to make notes during the evening – after each date, you tick the people you like and want to see again. The next day or so, you will receive your matches via the website, by text or by email.

How can I get in touch with my matches?

If you liked people and ticked them as a friend or a date, and they did the same for you, this is called a mutual match and you can get each others’ contact details. The rest is up to you.  We recommend sending a text or email first to say hello and if all goes well, arranging to meet up again for drinks or a proper date.

Do many people come on their own?

Around a third of guests come along to an event on their own and we always make certain to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. Guests occasionally find it easier to bring a friend along to an event as moral support and to help feel more relaxed – this is absolutely fine.  Others are happy to come alone and relish the opportunity to spend the whole evening meeting and getting to know a new bunch of people.  What better chance to expand your circle of friends!

How did Speed Dating start?

It all started with a Jewish Rabbi in Los Angeles in the late 1990′s!  You can read a detailed history of speed dating here.

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